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––  The Artist


John Diamond-Nigh was born in 1953 in Fort Erie, Canada. He studied art history and poetry respectively at Penn State and Bennington. He taught sculpture for most of his life in Paris and New York. Presently he lives with his wife in North Carolina. 


"Sometimes I think I am a Carthusian monk and the work I have been doing is just a by-product of a highly routine, walled-in life that had little to do with either the politics or luxuries of art on the other side of the wall. Not that I am not a modern artist, but the monk thing is my persona and it goes back a long way, maybe as far back as high school. It also points––though I'm not religious––to a curiosity about those symbols and materials that the mind has always produced in its deepest soils and in its dreamiest ways."

John has exhibited in the Philadelphia and Denver Museums of Art to name two, has been an artist-in-residence at Alfred University (twice), was featured in The New York Times, had books of poetry and short fiction published by small art presses and has won awards for his commercial interior design.

"I am an unabashed eclecticist, reveling in theory and fiction, but reveling equally in paper, gold, wood, paint and water. That said, a single, unbroken line winds through all of my work, a line, as my wife describes it, of ancient shards and future illusions." 

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