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––   GOLD

Sometimes gold is prominent in what I make; sometimes it is only a subsurface scratch. It is a flighty, difficult material to use and is not widely used in the arts, but when I do so I use it as an emblem of secrecy, of palimpsests, of what I hope poetry still might mean, of old lost rivers at sunset.


The full John Diamond-Nigh body of work is available at Gallery Six at First Saturday Salon at 6 Club St, Asheville each first Saturday morning of each month. Join us for coffee. Select work is available at this site as well as at Contemporaneo Gallery and Industrial Storm.

––  Sacred sins  detail  14X14

––   Old lost rivers 14X14

––   Lakeside 14X14

––  Listen  14X14

––  Sacred sins  14X14

––  In between stories  14X14  

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